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Microcar News current issue

32 pages, All Color, All MICROCARS!


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Cover: FMR Tg500 at 50th Anniversary of introduction to the UK
Inside Front Cover: Hagerty Insurance
Letters To The Editor / etc etc
News & Rumors! Velorex Route 66 trip, 3 -wheeler regulations, Smarts on Lombard Street, Microcars at Concours
eBay Watch - sales reports of a variety of Microcars on eBay
Small Wonders - Ken Weger cuts the ribbon on his Museum Building
The Isetta Lady: "Best Change I ever made to an Isetta"
REPORT: Heritage Square CO National meet
REPORT: MicroNorth 2008
REPORT: Gould's Lucky 13th Classic Event
REPORT: Micros on the Mounument in Racine WI
ISETTA -TIP by The Isetta Dude
REPORT: Liege-Brescia-Liege Rally results
TEAM Isetta progress
Classifieds: Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Parts & Suppliers reference
Microcar Meet Calendar
Inside Back Cover: Classic Tg500 Advert
Back Cover: Gould's Gameboard

Clickable Links for websites mentioned in this issue:

Marc & Judy from Nederlands looking for info

4 Velorex doing Route 66

Small Wonders Micro/Mini Car Museum


Classic Rally Press (Liege-Brescia-Liege Rally)

Advertisers Links:
Hagerty Insurance:

Wildfire Motors, Triple Chrome Plated Isetta Parts:

Yankee Crosley Parts

Larry Newberry's

Uwe Staufenberg's Goggomobil Parts Supply:

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