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32 pages, All Color, All MICROCARS!

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ROMI Isettas on Parade:
how many can YOU Spot? (only the ROMI Isettas!....)


(or try this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9nXTxyLQGI )

Cover: Marybeth Claypool riding Lou Rugani's Eshelman (photo by Lena & Arnie Press)
Inside Front Cover: Hagerty Insurance
Letters To The Editor / Club News
eBay Watch - sales reports of a variety of Microcars on eBay.
Ask The Isetta Lady - Marilyn J. Felling
"MORE smart news"
The Isetta Spotter's Guide (pt 2 of 2)
A Visual Guide to the differences between all the different models of Isetta made.
REPORT: National Meet in Crystal Lake
7 pages of Color Photos & report by Marilyn J. Felling
"BARN FIND!": Bruce Weiner finds a collection of cars in Germany
"Converting a Vespa 400 to Electronic Ignitioin" by Kevin George
2007 National Meet info
Microcar Meet Calendar
MEMBER PHOTOS: Tim Schwartz brings his BMW 600 to a Car Wash; Robert Gold shows off his 1957 BMW Isetta; Michael Bluman's 1972 Honda 600 Coupe; Kenneth O. Rehfeldt's 1958 BMW Isetta with his Grandson AJ; Mark Hatten's Subaru 360's + Ally-Lou
Parts & Suppliers reference
Classifieds: Cars For Sale; Cars Wanted; Cars for Trade; Parts for Sale; Parts Wanted; Literature for Sale
Classic Ad for the Eshelman Child's Car (seen on the cover giving rides)
Back Cover: Mark Mattei's 1970 Ford Ghia City Car Concept

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2006 National Meet photos

2007 National Meet info:

Meet Calendar:

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Hagerty Insurance:

Collectors Foundation:


Smart Cars from:
The Green Car Company

a more extensive list of Classifieds and Parts Suppliers will be posted about 30 days after this issue is mailed.

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