Isetta Tech is a non-commercial site created by Bruce Fullerton in Austin, Texas. The site's sole purpose is serve as a respository of information pertaining to the BMW Isetta US Export Model Sliding Window Coupe. You won't hear any of this "first time caller, long time listener" drivel or get any compelling offers to have a star named after you. Please feel free to use, download and/or print anything you see that is of interest. If you can make big bucks off of it, you're smarter than we are so go for it. You're also welcome to link to this site.

The text and graphics shown on this site have been collected over a period of 6+ years and will continue to grow as time goes by. Many of the comments and pictures have been submitted by viewers via the Feedback link. Mistakes, typos, lame humor and lousy syntax are Bruce's fault.

It just seemed wrong to keep all of the procedures, foibles and mistakes made in restoring our car top secret. Putting it on paper, so to speak, was the main reason this site was created. Hopefully, it will help someone out there get the job done better, faster and perhaps save some money. Please don't consider everything you see here expert advice. It's a rambling dialogue of what we've learned in the past six years. Most of it is true.

The Restoration section is an upload of information based on our personal experience restoring one very tired 1957 Isetta Sliding Window Coupe. The project began in May of 1999. As of early 2005, there always seems to be something to change, maintain or dork with. That's half the fun of it, the other half being driving around and causing widespread confusion and disbelief wherever you go.

The Parts Suppliers and Services sections are a roster of folks who we've done business with and can recommend in terms of product being as-advertised or better, fast delivery and great customer service. Hopefully, you'll have the same experience with all of them.

The Articles section is a melting pot of Isetta-related documents from several owners. Most of the text has been published in one form or fashion, primarily in the old Minicar and Microcar Club's quartery magazine, Minutia.You'll also find the Central Texas Micronuts Car Club's monthly newsletter, "A Little Car News" posted at the top of this section. It's updated around the first of every month. The postings for ALCN begin with the September 2003 issue to present.

In the Links section, you'll find a potpourri of digital diversions to keep you glued to your tube for extended lengths of time. We tried to pick a few links that aren't the most common and a few you may not be aware of. As with the rest of the site, we intend to continually add new material when and where it makes sense.

The Feedback section was the email link to the site. Email contact is no longer available.

The Frequently Asked Questions section covers many of the queries we've gotten from people concerning everything from general to very specific questions regarding Isettas. If you're an owner, you'll recognize most, if not all, of them.

The Gallery section is an archived showcase of owners that have submitted pix of their cars and themselves.

The Trivia and Nonsense section is somewhat self-explanatory. There's just too much wacky Isetta stuff out there not to have a place to put it. It's a mix of off-the-wall graphics and a cross-section of Isetta lore that every third person we talk to seems to have. We hope to reformat the galleries one day so they're a little more consistent and presentable, perhaps with thumbnails, so there's more on your screen at a given time. Guess you'll just have to keep checking back.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting Isetta Tech!

Isetta Tech. Live from Austin, Texas. Copyright 2002-2005.