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CL: 1968 Subaru 360 for sale in Pennsylvania $8500
« on: June 23, 2013, 12:56:26 PM »
from PA Craigslist:

from the ad:
If you can read this ad, I still have the car. I will not respond to emails asking if it is still available. No spam, I know all of the tricks!

Here is my 1968 Subaru 360 Micro Car. The first year Subaru imported a car into the US. Excellent condition and drivable - antique PA tag. Here are the details:

356cc 2-cylinder,
2-stroke, oil-injected, air-cooled, horizontally-opposed engine with 25hp.
60+ MPG
55 mph Top Speed
Weighs 890lbs
Suicide Doors
10" Wheels/Tires

Details on this car:
AM Radio Option   
New Paint - Car had 2 spots of rust (battery Box, and drivers door) -- Both fixed with Metal
New Tires   
New Cap, Rotor and Wires
Rebuilt wheel cylinders,
Brake Shoes,
New Brake Hoses   
Rebuilt Oil Pump
New Cables throughout   
Rebuilt Carburator
Engine Resealed and Re-ringed   
Rebuilt Fuel Tank
New Interior   
New hoses, fuel pump, etc. . .

This is real nice car and one of very few still drivable. This has to be one of the nicest Subaru 360 Sedans available for sale. Micro cars are hot! There is a great club run by wonderful people who can help with any aspect of this car:

$8,500 OBO
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if the link doesn't work, the listing has expired, nothing I can do about it.