Author Topic: CL: Renault "Dolphine" for sale in Louisiana $800  (Read 6353 times)


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CL: Renault "Dolphine" for sale in Louisiana $800
« on: June 23, 2013, 12:45:03 PM »
from Louisiana Craigslist:

from the ad:
This is an old renault dolphiene car we have out on our place where selling needs full resto or culd be parts car 90% there motor I free spining by hand with good compression it ran when parked in 2000 since then fe things have been stole nothing major just misc cosmetic parts and few ending externals this is a mid engine car similar degisn as vw and fiat ect asking 800 obo no less than 500 car is a fepuel economy car but still packed power to walk past anything u wanted this is a 4 cyl manual car email above for more info. CASH is the fastest way to own this car and english is the only way to talk to me email above for more info and to make pick up arangemnts will deliver short distances for a fee
if the link doesn't work, the listing has expired, nothing I can do about it.