Author Topic: 360 van brake upgrade.. and other tidbits.  (Read 9368 times)


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360 van brake upgrade.. and other tidbits.
« on: July 12, 2016, 06:23:46 PM »
hey all, as some of you may know I have decided to lay low on the microcars and pursue other interests... I still have my 9 micros, with the latest a 360 subi van rat rodded... It now has a 1500 cc VW engine/trans grafted in the frame, more power means better brakes and as most any subie 360 owner knows at some time or another youll find yourself with poor or no brakes... Since I am now pushing a lot more ponies and a few hundred pounds of weight brakes are essential for survival on the road.   The question as to what to do. Subaru 360 parts unobtainable and pathetic in stopping  , I searched  far and wide for something that fit a couple criteria.. serviceable, easy to get parts, and will stop.  So after cruising the local yard I came across rear brake units from a Chevy Aveo... plentiful in nature, cheap to get, and easy to work on with a common 100mm bolt pattern hub.  In 4 hours I had removed the subaru 360 vans front spindle, modifies and burned on the Aveo stub axle , and mounted the drum brake.  only minimum modification was needed, and careful welding made the job easy.  Only an internal spacer for the hub bearing was needed.. Now I have 155 sr12 radials in the front and 185/60/15s rear... stopping should be much improved..if aanyone would care for details, i will get a you tube vid out probably august at its unveiling at a local VW show...
steve george upstate NY..