Author Topic: Hesketh Tripod Prototype Very Rare Micro-Car Currently Advertised On Ebay !  (Read 9864 times)

dean weir

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I Have Pasted This Info And Pictures From Ebay :

A well documented project car built by Hesketh and Suzuki in the mid eighties. Powered by a 150cc Suzuki scooter engine fitted to the rear and driving one wheel. The car was designed to allow 16 year olds to drive legally on the road. This concept car is constructed of composite wrapped around a frame cell, the doors open via front hinge and the roof is removable, it will seat two......This is truly a piece of motoring history and most importantly it comes with ALL of the blueprints, diagrams, invoices and dialogue sheets from Suzuki & Hesketh along with diagrams of future projects. Some very famous people have been involved in this car and I imagine it will go to a motoring museum. It was registered with the DVLA  in 1986 and is on a D plate. Not much to get this car fired up and running.