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Hi all,
Thanks for the add. Just to introduce myself, I am a long time fan off micros upgrading from a Power Pak motorised bicycle to a Bond Mk D at 16 years old, some 48 years ago. I've had various Bonds and Berkeleys since and also a Noble . I also had an early Reliant with a wooden floor !. The last few years have seen me driving a Bond 875 on a regular basis plus many Panhards, ( my all time favourite marque ) and am currently trying to put a Bond Equipe back into daily use, but these are not micros so will say no more about them.
I have always admired people who build one offs and would love to know the process behind building a body using the polystyrene(?) method where you carve the shape you desire and layer it up in glass fibre.I think the Freeway was done like this but could be wrong. I would like to know how you achieve a glass like finish ? Can anyone suggest a website I can visit ? Thanks