Author Topic: CL: 1956 Messerschmitt KR200 for sale $8000  (Read 16778 times)


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CL: 1956 Messerschmitt KR200 for sale $8000
« on: March 13, 2013, 04:11:39 PM »
from Craigslist, located in Boston area?

from ad:
1956 Messerschmitt KR 200, this was a canopy car but the canopy was damaged and now has the panels and windshield support to be a Sportster. These panels are new from a dealer in the UK and make the car much nicer to drive. The car is mostly complete missing the shifter, not the linkage just the handle and some small trim with hub caps. I bought the car and just don't want it, it was in storage with one guy for at least 12 years before me. It has only surface rust but hasn't run in years. It is sold on bill of sale only.
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if the link doesn't work, the listing has expired, nothing I can do about it.