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Subaru 360 for Parts
« on: December 30, 2014, 10:53:54 AM »
I came across a Subaru 360 in a field in Massachusetts. Complete Car with lots of parts.  I could not leave it there. I'm not in to micro cars but bought it to get my foot in the door to try and get the Saab 2 stroke from the old guy! It seems too far gone to fix, but still has some good parts. I was told that it drove out to the field 20 years ago. Good transmission the motor is stuck. good rims, driver side mirror, good chrome all the way around, has jack, tail lights, nice windshield, all glass is good, nice headlight bezels, good tail lights, has good pistons (no holes in top), and the cylinders look good. Call or email John 508-802-8744 I can send photos of any part you are interested in purchasing or buy the whole thing for all parts!


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Re: Subaru 360 for Parts
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Wish you were closer :'(