We have used many of the following suppliers in the process of restoring our car and have been very pleased with the quality and selection of parts, delivery, return policy and customer service.

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Revised February 2009

Isetta John Wetzel: John has been at this game for many years and knows Isettas like the back of his hand. He has contacted Isetta Tech in regards to his new Web site that is up and running, but under construction, as of September 2005. Check it out at www.isettas.com. Isetta John can be contacted via email at isettajohn@aol.com and/or reached by phone at (201) 939-2208. His physical/mailing address is 419 Union Avenue, Rutherford, New Jersey, 07070. John can supply you with parts as well as engine, trans, shock and chain drive rebuilds. He stocks an excellent replacement voltage regulator if you find yourself needing one. In the Fall of 2003, John bought long-time Isetta guy Bill Darland's entire inventory of parts, 2 and 1/2 tons worth, and had them shipped from Oregon to New Jersey. Email him and tell him what you need or ask a technical question. Day in, day out, John has consistently had the most reasonable prices on the Isetta parts he offers.

Hans Rothkegel: is no longer recommend as an Isetta Parts Supplier Hans is the distributor for Isetta parts through BMW Mobile Tradition. His operation is located in Waal, Germany. If you're state-side, he can be best be reached via email at hans.rothkegel@t-online.de. His Web site is www.isettahans.de. You would do well to download his parts catalog. Very well done with the factory exploded diagrams of all Isetta assemblies. Parts are numbered and cross-referenced. Here's a link to the English version of the catalog, right here. It's in Adobe Acrobat format and prints out beautifully. Don't let the Germany part scare you off. Parts arrive here in a very timely manner. Hans also takes all major credit cards.

Werner Schwark : Werner offers many of the same parts as Hans at very competitive prices. He has also tooled up a few of those hard to find parts like that funky cooling-shroud-to-heater hose and rubber pedal covers. Werner is also very knowledgeable in the technical arena. Werner can also help you with engine, transmission and chain drive rebuilds or restore your entire car for you. He's located north of Atlanta in Woodstock, Georgia. Although he no longer has a Web site, he can be reached via email at isettas@bellsouth.net. His physical address is 912 Riverstone Way, Woodstock, Georgia, 30188. Give him a call at (770) 924-8530 or FAX him at (770) 924-1140 and request his 2004-2006 parts catalog while you're at it. It's only $5.00 and Werner will refund the fin on your first order.

Isettaclassics: If you've seen that name on eBay, you already know that you can source hubcaps, inside and outside luggage racks, drive donuts, control cables and other Isetta goodies from this seller. The man with the plan is none other than our friend Leonardo Correa Luna down in Uruguay. Leo's an Isetta kinda guy. Being a commercial airline pilot, in addition to his liking of small things, he also likes really big things. Don't want to hassle with eBay? Just email Leo and let him know what you need. Payment methods and shipping you ask? In Leo's own words "I accept international money orders, cashiers checks or money transfer. Usual shipping time is around 10 days or more depending of the post service you pay". Be sure and tell Leo that Isetta Tech sent you!

ProSource Auto Glass International: Owner Richard Tankel contacted Isetta Tech to inform us that LoCan International, the company his family owned and operated for almost 50 years, has been sold to a large conglomerate. It was Lo-Can that tooled up the first Isetta replacement windshields many years ago. Richard has set out on his own with ProSource. His intention is to continue providing hard-to-find glass for vintage European and micro cars. We have suggested that he look into producing Isetta rear windows as well as the side glass and help solve the nagging problem of trying to find good, used glass. To contact Richard via email, click here or call him toll-free at 877-345-2800. Be sure and tell him Isetta Tech sent you!

Lo-Can International: Need a new windshield? Lo-Can's got 'em. Their number is (800) 345-9595 or check 'em on the Web at locanglass.com and ask for their part number FW-38-CLN. Should run you just under $300.00 plus crating, shipping and insurance. Be absolutely sure that you pay for insurance on your windshield when you order it! It might be worth mentioning that our first windshield came in cracked. One phone call to Lo-Can and they swung into action, shipped another windshield out the same day and arranged for UPS to pick the farkled unit up. Three days later, we received two phone calls to make sure everything had been taken care of, which it had been. In this day and time, that's impressive. Another company with a first-class customer service approach.

Coker Tire: The Number One outfit for all vintage automobile tires. They even have new tires for your family armored personnel carrier! Check out their Web site at Coker.com or call at (800) 251-6336 for questions or orders. The tires they offer for the Isetta are the BF Goodrich Silvertown blackwall and whitewalls, size 4.80 x 10. We got our Michelin MX 145R10 radial blackwalls there but Coker has been out of stock for sometime and, at last report, didn't expect to see any more of them. Might not hurt to periodically check if you're wanting to go the radial route. If you're running split rims, they have those bent stem tubes for you too. Just ask for part number TR-87 and you're set. These are truly great people to deal with and they know their stuff! The guy that took our tire order even knew what an Isetta was!

Westco Batteries: These folks carry all sorts of batteries for motorcycles, ATV, jet skis and ... microcars. They also offer a nifty battery charger, the Accumate, that's worth looking in to. Their Web site is right here.

Yuasa Batteries: Want a second opinion on batteries? Yuasa has been at it a long time and offers their own line of products as well as manufacture OEM batteries for several bike manufacturers. Click here to check out their site. For what it's worth, we run a Harley-Davidson battery (65989-97A, about $75.00) in our car. Reliable sources report that Yuasa is the manufacturer for H-D and other bike manaufacturers' batteries as well.

Bench Mark Works: Vintage BMW bike shop in Sturis, Mississippi owned and operated by Craig "Vech" Vechorik. Vech is a technical writer for the US BMW Motorcycle club and specializes in pre-1970 BMW bikes. He's owned several Isettas, used one as his daily driver for 6 or 7 years and knows 'em cold. He stays pretty well booked with motorcycles and is not necessarily a resource for Isetta restoration but he stocks an incredible amount of parts for the R25/26/27 engines. He can rebuild your fuel petcock for you as well. Vech's online parts store can be found on his Web site at benchmarkworks.com. Call Vech or Elaine at (662) 465-6444.

Palo Alto Speedometer: If you need to get that speedo refurbed, recalibrated or have a new face screened on, these are your guys. Truly terrific work! Their Web site is paspeedo.com. You can also call them at (650) 323-0243. Ask to speak to Hartmut Mees about your VDO or Smith's speedo. Be sure and pay a few extra bux for insurance both ways when you ship it off.

Andover Restraints: Want to put a set of good seat belts in your car? You need to check out Andover's selection of belts. Their Web site is andoauto.com. You'll not only find their belt product lines but mounting options and guidelines for the best belt for your car. For the Isetta, we'd recommend the 72" units just in case both the driver and passenger just got up from a big dinner. You can also call 'em at (410) 381-6700 9-6 EST Monday through Friday.

Bavarian Autosport: Mostly add-ons for later model BMW's. If you're looking to really lock down that Isetta brake system and go hi-tech, grab 3 of their stainless steel brake hoses, part number SSBH-18MF at $25.00 a throw. They're 18" long and have the correct 10mm male/female fittings. Their Web site is bavarianautosport.com. To order your lines, call 'em at (800) 535-2002, extension 5 for sales. These fit a bunch of other Beemers as well.

California Import Parts, Ltd: This outfit is a major VW parts supplier. Our steering damper came from here. It's the damper for an early VW bus and fits like a champ. Ask for their part number VWC-211-425-021-A. Should set you back around $16.00. Their Web site is cip1.com or phone 'em at (800) 313-3811.

Griot's Garage: We wish we'd never seen this catalog. If you want to really set up a neat garage for your Isetta and/or any other car, click on over to griotsgarage.com and check out the potpourri of goodies they have to offer. You'll find things here you didn't even know had been invented yet. This is one of those "I've always wondered where you got those things" kinda places. Their land line is (800) 345-5789.

Quicksilver Trailers: Looking for a trailer? Check out Quicksilver's Web site. Looks like another place you can go nuts.

California Car Covers: Here are the folks that can fix you up with a custom made Isetta car cover. They offer many different styles so pricing varies depending on how you want yours sewed up. As of December 2003, the Isetta is not listed in their site's search engine but the pattern number is #14330. New Pattern number is C14330TS
Read more about it at CCC's Web site or call 'em at (800) 423-5525 for pricing.
(note: these are made by COVERCRAFT and other distributors have access to the Covercraft numbers, including AutoAnything.com and JCWhitney.com )
None of these places list the Isetta, you have ask for it special and give them the Pattern number.

Fuller Metrics: Here's a Canadian firm that has just about everything metric. Cruise their online catalog for some of those hard-to-find items. Click here to check out their offerings.

McMaster-Carr Supply Company: McMaster-Carr has to be the king of tools and hard-to-find item vendors. Their Web site lists so many products it's unlikely you'll have the time to take it all in. Interesting reading to say the least.

If you live in the Central Texas vicinity, check out these fine folks:

Breed & Company: Unquestionably Austin's finest hardware store. Visit these folks for your metric nuts, bolts and washers. They have just about everything you'll need to replace or upgrade your existing fastening hardware. They are the undisputed king of metric here in Austin. Try to go in with a specific mission in mind. If you don't, no telling what you might end up bringing home.

Their physical address is 718 West 29th Street,Austin, Texas, 78705. Phone number is (512) 474-6679. They also have a store in Westlake Hills but, as of last visit, the 29th Street store is the ticket for the best fastener selection.

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