Here are a few links that you may find of interest. We've tried to present a cross section of what's out there, and it's a bunch. As new sites pop up, we'll be adding them to the list. Also, let us know if there's something new you'd like to see here via our Feedback link.

Revised March 2008

Isetta Source The best indexed Isetta site on the Web. Designed and run by friend and fellow Isetta owner Robert "Bubba" Mace here in Austin, Texas. Bookmark this site.

ISETTA RESTORATION 2.0 by John Jensen John Jensen's book on restoring the US export Sliding Window version of the Isetta

Richard Lewis' Isetta Project Perhaps the single best photo documentary about Isetta restoration on the Internet. Richard has been clickin' 'em off during the complete overhaul of his barn-find bubble window. Bookmark this page if you're restoring your car!

The Vintage Microcar Club If you're not already a member of The Club, fork over $35 and do it. Worth every penny just for the editions of "MICROCAR NEWS", the club's magazine that comes out every 3 months.

Jenny Morgan's Isetta Project Revealed Jenny is a well known BMW kinda gal up in Milwaukee. Here is the link to a slide show she put together about her Isetta resto. Make note that she has recompiled the original Isetta maintenance manual and literally reduced it to plain English. Use the email link at the bottom of the page to contact her about getting your copy. You will also notice the reference to her upcoming book, "Restoring An Isetta For Fun And No Profit" due out soon.

Radio Rumpus Room Ron Thums and his lovely assistant, Jean, run a first class radio show on community station KFAI-FM in Minneapolis every Friday night from 9:00 'til 10:30. They play "an unholy mix of surf, hot rod, '60's garage, hillbilly, psychedelia, primal rock 'n roll and God-fearin' traditional country twang". Besides the great tunes, what's in it for you? How about Ron's hot-off-the-press Isetta (and Messerschmitt) T-shirts ala Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Here's the link where you can check 'em out along with order info. Be sure and tell Ron Isetta Tech sent you!

Boogerballs Online Eccentric Auto Giftshop Jeff Loughridge's Web site is worth checking out for more than one reason. This guy is good! He's got Isetta merchandise in four configurations: Bubble Window, Sliding Window, Racing Series and a product line based on our car, of all things. If you're in need of an Isetta lunch box for your tools and/or a cheap picnic's worth of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Boogerball's has it. Or how about an Isetta thong for that next little 'get-together'? Just click on a car graphic to start the show.

Cursormania Why keep waggin' that banal Microsoft pointer around your screen when you could have an spiffy Isetta Army tank, taxi cab, ambulance or police cruiser instead? Cursormania has nine Isetta cursors that come as part of the package. Once you've downloaded this fast, free and safe utility, cruise to the Transportation section and you'll see 'em.

People Kars Been wondering where to score an Isetta snow globe? Look no further. These guys have a very unique selection of products, primarily Porsche, VW and Audi die cast cars. But they've got several flavors of Isettas, too. Frank reports that there should be a new 1:43 and 1:72 Isetta series coming in around February 2004. There will be 6 cars in each set, all in different two-tone colors. Nice folks to deal with and great customer service.

The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum Dubble Bubble's Top Gun has put together the ultimate play pen for minicar and microcar enthusiasts at his museum in Madison, Georgia. Here you'll find the single, best collection of small cars anywhere in the world. Dubble Bubble Acres was the site of the National Microcar & Minicar Meet in 2003.

Isetta Owner's Club of Great Britain Spare parts, technical articles and parts sources for your British-built Isetta. The British-built models include ALL Canadian Isettas (you didn't know that did you?). The Isetta Owner's Club of Great Britain also has a Yahoo Group: ISETTA WORLD where Isetta owners and enthusiasts from all over the world help each other and tell Isetta related jokes.

Isetta Club e.V. In Deutsche. Great pix and text. You can either translate through Alta Vista or cruise this German-English dictionary link and do it one word at a time.

Terry Sayther Automotive Terry Sayther and Debbie Stuart run an award winning, independent BMW shop here in Austin. They are currently the only authorized MINI service and warranty center in Central Texas. Terry has had multiple BMW 600's and other vintage classics. He and Debbie are the founding members of the Central Texas Micronuts Car Club. They are both very active in BMW-related events in our area and beyond. As a matter of fact, the Micronuts co-hosted the National Microcar and Minicar Meet in Duncanville, Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex) in September 2002 along with Ray Morey, guru of the Texas Microcar Roundup every April. Check out the action at Terry's site. It's one big family having a lot of fun at what they do!

Isetta Uruguay Hop on over to South America for a look at plenty of pix, beaucoup links and Umberto Penza's Isetta. While you're in the neighborhood, check out Gonzalo Ceruti's Chilean restoration and Web site. When your done there, hop a 707 and cruise over to Czechoslovakia and see what's going on over there. And as long as the motors are warmed up, why not check in with the Microcar Club Of Sweden?

Viendenkring van Dwergautos Hey, as long as you're out of the house, why not jet on over to Belgium and check out Friends Of Micro-Cars. Our friend, Martin Stalman, sent us this link to his club's site.

Isetta John Wetzel He's probably been at this for longer than anyone else out there. Tons of Isetta parts and a wealth of info.

Werner Schwark does not have a website but the link will take you to his email. He gets many of his parts from Germany but also has items he's had tooled up stateside. Werner is always coming across stashes of Isetta stuff so be sure to check with him for what you need. He's a great guy to deal with and takes a lot of pride in his Isetta business. Be sure to get a copy of the 2004-2006 parts catalog. It's all of five bux and Werner will credit that to your next parts order. Tell him Isetta Tech sent you, too.

Carlynx will appeal to just about every auto enthusiast, micros included.

If you want a break from Isetta stuff, check these out:

Altoids I don't know who designed their Web site but I wish he was my brother-in-law. Check out the muscle car ads ala Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, under the Ad Gallery section. Heck, they're all great. If this site hasn't won some sort of major award(s), something's wrong.

Despair, Inc. As Founder and COO E.L. Kersten, Ph.D. puts it, "Motivational posters don't work. Our demotivational posters don't work even better." This transplanted bunch of Dallas wackos now operates out of Austin and we're glad to have 'em. Keep up the bad work, guys.

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