Author Topic: FIGO Lloyd Engine 250cc Goggomobil Microcar 4 speed 1980  (Read 7969 times)


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FIGO Lloyd Engine 250cc Goggomobil Microcar 4 speed 1980
« on: November 27, 2013, 08:57:23 AM »
Goggomobil / Microcar / German / Air cooled / Two stroke

FIGO / Lloyd / Engine / 250cc / 4 speed w. reverse / No Reserve Auction

M134 / S123 / TYP GW11 / 01-1980 / 01-13390

245 cc, 13.6 hp (10.1 kW)

Email me for more pictures


Engine came from Germany in 2005 in a Fiat/Figo 126. I purchased the vehicle the same year. It was operational vehicle and engine, I drove it for couple of miles, the vehicle itself had only 12,000 KM. Then I put it in storage, my intention was to get the proper Fiat 650 engine, which was correct for this car. The engine was in my basement (dry and heated) for the last 5+ years. I just sprayed it with wd40 and wiped it for pictures.

Spark plugs were removed for the first time in 7 years since I had the engine.

The winner gets engine plus all the parts on the white background, cables, etc.

I wish I could check compression, if someone walks me the the procedure I would be happy to do it.

I am obligated to mention that on the rear mount (two bolts) one appears to be broken. See picture. Nothing else wrong that I know, otherwise I would disclose it.

Engine weighs 175+ lbs. with rest of the parts in the pictures it will be in the neighborhood of 200 lbs.

Shipping is possible, pick up prefered