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Title: 1959 Autobianchina Bianchina Transformable II for sale
Post by: TonyORL on January 27, 2015, 11:23:57 PM
Hi, I have for sale a 1959 Autobianchi Bianchina transformable Series 2.
The car has been in my family for many years and it's time to find another home.

I have created a site with all the information about the car.


Title: Re: 1959 Autobianchina Bianchina Transformable II for sale
Post by: TonyORL on February 13, 2015, 09:53:28 PM
This 1959 Autobianchi Bianchina Transformabile, Series 2, is a very rare Italian micro car that was only produced from 1959 to 1961. Only 10,000 of these semi-convertible ‘transformable’ models were made.

Powered by an original 479cc/17hp, air cooled, rear mounted 2 cylinder engine, backed by a 4-speed manual gearbox, 4-wheel independent suspension and 4-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. This is an original example of one of the world's most attractive micro cars. After a total restoration is painted in a red color with tan interior with 20,450 actual miles. She runs great, the body and floors are in very good condition and always garage kept located in Florida.

This is an extremely fun car that gets a lot of attention. Always an attention getter on the road or at shows. This is not just a traler car drives as good as it looks. Extremely fun and reliable to drive. The simi-convertible top perfect warm weather cruiser that makes everyone smile.

Here is some additional history on the Bianchina borrowed from another website.

Car History:
In 1885, 20-year-old Eduardo Bianchi set up a bicycle-making business in Milan, and before long was making motorized three-wheelers and then, before the turn of the century, four-wheelers. In the 1920s, Bianchi was third behind only Fiat and Lancia in Italian car production. In 1955, following a business alliance with Fiat and Pirelli and a name change to Autobianchi, the reorganized company focused its operations on a long-running series of upscale Fiat 500 variants. Fiat provided the technical components and knowledge, Pirelli provided the tires, and Bianchi created the bodies and assembled the vehicles. The body was designed by Luigi Rapi. The first product produced under this new venture was the Bianchina which was based on the Fiat 500 and offered luxury features not found on the 500. The first body style to roll off the assembly line was the 'Transformable' and would remain as the only body-style available until 1960, when the Cabriolet was introduced.

Diminutive yet bursting with an abundance of sporting character, the Bianchina offered sturdy and widely available Fiat 500 mechanical components with luxurious levels of trim for the era. The understated yet captivating Bianchina was further enhanced by a series of mechanical upgrades, including a lowered suspension, which contributed to a sportier ride. Despite its small two-cylinder air-cooled engine mounted in the rear of the car, the Bianchina was quite a capable performer, with a top speed of 60 mph and an estimated range of nearly 300 miles. Fuel economy reportedly approached a very impressive 50 mpg. While the Bianchina was just one of the many fascinating European micro cars that were available during the 1950s and 1960s, it was an unqualified success. In fact, with its decidedly sporty demeanor and limited-production cachet, it was quickly regarded by enthusiasts as the rich man’s’ Fiat

Let me know if you have any questions.