Author Topic: Bunch of FIAT 500s on eBay - caveat emptor  (Read 10392 times)

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Bunch of FIAT 500s on eBay - caveat emptor
« on: May 10, 2013, 01:29:36 PM »
An eBay seller currently has several FIAT 500s listed as being in BENSENVILLE IL, they are not.
They are all in Italy and won't come to the USA until they are paid for and then only after 30-45 days - according to an email from the seller: OLD500IT (who appears to be a registered user in Italy, not the USA).

Here is the list of cars

Update: Seller responded as to WHY he listed them as being in Bensenville IL....he said he did that because it is his "intention" to sell them in Bensenville. Of course you have to buy them in Italy first and then have them shipped to Bensenville.  I've filed a report with eBay and of course nothing has come of it.
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