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Precico Funcar - kohler 340cc


Hello, my name is Ian, I live in Canada and recently bought this interesting Precico Funcar.

I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the story of these? I have been unsuccessful in finding much information. Powered by a 338cc Kohler 2 cylinder 2 stroke gas motor, K3402AX.

Electric start, CVT belt drive to a FWD / REV cable controlled gear box. Independent suspension.

The only identification numbers I was able to find were on the brittle old fuel tank that reads PRECICO - MADE IN CANDA - 41010-000, and the spedometer says FUNCAR on it.

It has compression and spark, so she'll certainly run. I'm going to clean the carb, pump, replace the fuel lines, etc first before I give it a go. Came with a couple sets of rear tires, but are not on in the photos.

The non side-by-side layout, plus the handlebar setup, this thing is basically a summer-snowmobile! Pretty cool

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks :)


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