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Iso Carro Found
« on: October 30, 2018, 09:44:52 PM »
Hi - First off I am unsure of the correct name for what I have found. I have seen it referenced as an Iso Carro which I believe to be correct but have also seen Iso Moto Carro, Iso Motocarro, Isocarro, etc. I'd like to refer to this machine with the proper name.

This was found in Georgia USA about 30 minutes from where Bruce Weiner had his microcar museum so I am assuming there must be a tie there but do not see this vehicle listed on the auction results. I cannot fathom how this would end up in the area if there were not ties to the museum but strange things happen.

I have no idea the last time this actually ran. It does have compression so it should run if the carb, coil and points are good. I will be looking at this in the next couple of days. The odometer reads 5475 which I assume is kilometers but either way seems like quite a few miles for one of these little vehicles.

I believe this to be an early Carro as it has a single spring and shock on the front, maybe 1959? Earlier / later? The serial # is MC691723 if there is any reference material.

These are the specs I think are right;

150 cc single cylinder 2 stroke (I've read that this may actually be a 2 piston, single combustion chamber engine with the pistons moving in unison)
Fuel Mixture 32:1
4 forward gears / 4 reverse
6 volt electrical system

Any additional information or resources that could be provided would be greatly appreciated.