Author Topic: For Sale 1956 BMW Bubble Window Isetta Complete with All Bubble Glass and Top  (Read 16158 times)


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Hi Guys I am listing this car on a few microcar forums to help someone who can use it

I had a batch of misc Isetta stuff sitting in storage for years and decided to do some cleaning out a month ago and went to see what I had .

In the pile of stuff I had accumilated over the last 30 years and I have a 56 bubble window Isetta minus the drive train and a few misc minor bits.

As the car does not have a motor I am selling it as parts / restore / not running , if anyone can use it let me know

This is a bubble window version with all the bubble glass (this is the original vintage USA safety glass and not the plexi repro junk)

If anyone is interested please PM me


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Hi scorpius666, it has been over a year since you posted this. Did your vehicle find a home?