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Wanted - Isetta 300 parts


Does anyone have or can point me to a good source (in the U.S.) for:

Complete wiring loom?
Carburettor parts?
Brake shoes/linings
Windshield wiper motor & parts?
Inside panels?
Window seals?

Many thanks. Please see my For Sale post if you need parts - happy to trade, I will be in the U.S. April 2nd 2015.

Jim Janecek:
is your car a British built model?

Yes, Brighton's finest!

Jim Janecek:

--- Quote from: M60NJP on February 23, 2015, 11:40:30 AM ---Yes, Brighton's finest!

--- End quote ---

British Built Isettas have different wiring looms because all the electrics are Lucas (instead of Bosch)
and Hydraulics/Brakes are Girling rather than ATE  as on the German-built BMW Isettas.
They are not interchangeable.
You will not find these in the USA.  Have you tried Bromley Bubble in the UK?

Canadian Export Isettas are British Built, but owners of those still have to source parts from the UK.

Cheers for the replies and advice. I have sources for the parts here, but many things are cheaper in the U.S.....but not if they're not compatible!!

Much obliged!


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