Author Topic: This microcar forum vs yahoo groups vs marquee-specific forums  (Read 11591 times)


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So here we have this new venue to talk about our little cars.  But of course there are at least a couple of well-populated yahoo groups, and an unknown multitude of marque-specific forums out there.  I belong to both sorts of groups, and think that when all the pros and cons are weighed, forums like this should win out over email-based groups. 
- searching the "archives" of old posts is easier
- can integrate photos into posts
- thread-based discussions are "where it's at"
- no bothering with unwanted emails, yet get can notified of replies to stuff you want to know about

Should this win out over marquee-specific forums?  Maybe for those folks with multiple cars...?

Anyway, thank you, Mr. Administrator, for setting this thing in motion.
SUGGESTION: As this forum grows there may be a need for marquee-specific categories. 


PS: thanks Mr Administrator for including at least one Japanese microcar in your banner (possibly my favorite).  Kei-cars sometimes seem to be the MOST orphaned vehicles of the lot.
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Jim Janecek

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Re: This microcar forum vs yahoo groups vs marquee-specific forums
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It will take some time, but the big difference between this and the email-based or Yahoo-based groups is that the information is closed off unless you sign up.  Someone who wants to learn or just read can't access things. While some people have websites up with good information, a lot of information gets passed along in discussions of problems.

That being said: I can't speak highly enough of the Messerschmitt Owner's Club Forum which is hosted on Yahoo Groups:
Signal to noise ratio is VERY high (good thing)
People participate from around the world and are VERY helpful.

I don't think this should "win out" over anything else.  I do think there is a need for a publicly accessible Vintage Microcars Discussion area.  You don't need to pay anything or participate if you don't want, you can read the posts without "signing in".

I agree about the marque-specific categories as things grow.
These can easily be created and topics moved there.
I think it will be some time before that happens though, unless a few people lobby me for something and want an area for their own particular interests apart from General Discussion.  Kei Cars would be a good start.


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Re: This microcar forum vs yahoo groups vs marquee-specific forums
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I'm with ya on the Kei Cars...
Lol.. Hey Steven.. funny seeing you here..