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Jim Janecek:
So the Forum is BACK!
After the first forum bit the dust and the developer dropped off the face of the earth, I had to use a new format.
This one seems to be EZ to use and I use it elsewhere so, why not here too?

Q: Can I get the posts via email?
A: Nope

Q: But Yahoo Groups do that
A: So go to the Yahoo Groups

Q: Why can't I see the DOWNLOADS section?
A: You have to be logged in as a Registered User of the Forum, then that section will magically be visible.

Q: How do I attach a pic?
A: Start a new thread, or hit REPLY, look below the box you type in for "Attachments and other options",  Click It.
You can upload 4 pics at a time, full size are OK, the forum will re-size them smaller. But anyone who wants to see it Full-Size just has to click on it.
See example below for super large pic reduced, click it for full-size, click again to shrink it.

Q: I signed up for the Forum, why don't I get the magazine?
A: That is a separate deal. Forum is free to use for Registered Members. The magazine is for PAID Members,

Q: I can't embed a YouTube video
A: just post the link for now, there is a way to embed, but I have not figured it out yet.
Update: I figured it out but it is too complicated, better to just post the link.

Q: Where is the DOWNLOADS area?
A: You have be signed in as a Registered User of the Forum (free) to be able to see the Downloads area, otherwise it is hidden.


Thanks for starting the forum back up again. I hope it takes off and brings in more to read.

Joe Lawrence
Brandon, FL

Works OK for me.

Great job Jim

Chris H:
So we have lost a Museum in Georgia, but gained an on-line meeting place.  OK.  But how do I initiate a topic here, rather than hitting 'reply' to a post already here, as I did to post this?  -C H


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